Welcome to Kent Smallholders

We were formed in 1987 by Hadlow College, to whom we are affiliated. We are privileged to hold our monthly meetings at the college with like minded people, who enjoy the countryside and the rural way of life, which is our only criteria for membership.

Members meet together from all walks of life, some with land and animals, others with just a window box or an interest in crafts, but all come with a wide range of experience and knowledge to help those just starting out.

We aim to fill our programme with topics requested by our members. Our events diary will give you further information on topics encompassed in the current year. Meetings also give an opportunity to share and discuss ideas and problems with other members of Kent Smallholders.

From September 2012 all our meetings will be held in Classroom HG21, which has better access. Go down the main drive and take the third turning on the right, drive to the rear of this car park and classroom HG21 is located next to the back right hand side of this car park. It is marked as No: 24 on the Hadlow map in your smallholders pack.

If you would like to contact someone, please feel free to phone Suzie Tel. 01959 523098 or e mail Christine at christine-fuller@live.co.uk