Kent Smallholders Newsletter


We hope that as many of you as possible will attend out last meeting of the year on Wednesday 6th December in our usual meeting room at the college. The meeting starts at 7.30pm with our usual spread of drinks and nibbles. There will be a selection of Christmas crafts items to make if you wish and plenty of friendly chatter and advice.
Kent Smallholders 2018 Events for the complete year will be available at this meeting.

It has been a busy year for smallholders. At our last meeting on Wednesday - Can Technology be of benefit to Smallholders? Henry covered such a wide spectrum that there were interesting items and food for thought for all of us. With Henrys usual enthusiasm we were educated and at the same time entertained. With infra-red for ascertaining where our homes need more insulation due to heat loss, to the varied useful websites, libraries on-line, courses and practical know-how on YouTube, how to turn an old freezer into a drier for fruit, vegetables, herbs and meat. The amount Henry covered in the meeting was astounding!

On a much sadder note, last Friday we attended the funeral of Phillip Richardson. Phillip was a strong supporter of our club being on the committee from 1992-2006 and at the AGM in January of this year Phillip proposed the committee be re-elected. Phillip supplied copious amounts of apples each year to increase club funds and he instructed and advised us on so many things - especially trees and pruning in his very special way without criticising.
Then on the same Friday Cathy rang me to say that Eddie Pughe-Jones had died. Another sad loss. Eddie used to be at the shows waiting for Simon and I to arrive or even turn up at our house and help us load prior to the show. He knew about shooting, trapping, ferreting, all the countryside pursuits and more.
Their skills and knowledge will be sorely missed.

However, in Robert, our Presidents words how lucky we are to have so many new members bringing their own very special skills and knowledge. How important it is to share this information.

If we do not see you on 6th December, we wish you all a Happy Christmas and Prosperous New Year and we look forward to seeing you on 17th January at our AGM when our guest speaker, Paul Cobb will talk on Farming, Smallholding and the Environment. Paul is our Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group adviser in Kent and has a regular column in Farmers Weekly, but has set aside his time to come and talk at our meeting. We will meet in our usual room at Hadlow College at 7.30pm for tea/coffee and biscuits.

Best wishes