Kent Smallholders Newsletter


Many thanks for all the help at the Poultry Workshop, especially Mary Down who spent a whole day here helping Simon and I put up the gazebos and put everything in place. The weather was excellent, we had an impressive number of entries in the Egg Show and everyone held and examined their birds with great competence and no bird even wanted to wander off. Indeed Bob Thomson returned to collect his birds and take them home with him. For those not able to take part I hope that there will shortly be photos of the event on the website. Priscilla Middleton spent the day with us, judged the egg show and has now become a member of Kent Smallholders.
Mary Down won Best Eggs in Show with three large fowl eggs.
Martin Pascoe won Class 1 with the best single large fowl egg.
Paula Davis won Class 5 with the best large fowl egg contents.
Andrea Collins won Class 4 with the best three bantam eggs.
Rebecca Skinner won Class 2 with the best bantam egg and Class 6 with the best bantam egg contents.
Well done everyone who entered. Priscilla commented that the quality of the entries were excellent.
Many thanks to you all for taking part.

We have received a thank you for 'Providing an excellent display at the Autumn Show in the Animal Barn'
with our Kent Smallholders Stand. Many thanks to our Kent Smallholders Show Team for all their hard work and a warm welcome to all our New Members.

Many thanks to Henry, Simon and Claire for organising an excellent meeting at short notice after our guest speaker cancelled. Henry's Crop Circle presentation was informative and excellent, as always. Whilst Simon's mead making demonstration and Simon and Claire's flavoured spirits all proved very popular.

Our next meeting will be on Wednesday 13th November where you will be able to learn how to turn old clothes, wool, material, old curtains, etc... into useful rag rugs with Claire excellently demonstrating. The hardest part of doing something new is often just getting started, so you will be able to purchase a kit on the evening to enable you to start your rug on the evening, or you may already have your own kit to bring along that you have either started or not - so bring it along with you. The meeting is in our usual room at the college and will start at 7.30 pm with the usuual tea, coffee, biscuits and lots of chatter. A good meeting for new members to meet fellow smallholders.

Our last meeting of the year is on Wednesday 4th December at Hadlow College, where we will have our Christmas drinks and nibbles with chatter and optional 'Old Fashioned Games' such as bagatelle, shove ha'penny, boules, skittles and old fashioned computer games including space invaders and pac man and more....... Meet us there at 7.30 - 8 pm. in Room HG22.
We are expecting to have our planned 2020 Events Diary available on the evening.
Best wishes

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