Kent Smallholders Newsletter

JUNE 2019

Sadly there will be no Smallholders and Country Show at Ardingly this year as the organisers have retired. The show will be missed by many.

Our guest speaker David King on Weather Forecasting without Technology gave us a thought provoking evening. He has since given us a box of very good weather related books which we will put out at Henrys meeting on Wednesday 12th June together with a box of books donated by Simon from his House Clearances and members can sort through and take any they like with a small donation of their choice to club funds.
We are priveledged to have Henry to be our guest speaker on Sustainability especially as we voted for him to do this in his absence at a committee meeting! Many thanks Henry.
New members may join on the evening or beforehand. Meet in our usual room at Hadlow College, HG22 at 7.30 pm for refreshments and chatter prior to the meeting commencing.

Then on Sunday our Smallholders Stand will be at William Dysons Hens and Gardens Day at Great Comp Gardens, Comp Lane, Platt, Near Sevenoaks, Kent TN15 8QS. Opening times 11am to 5pm. William is passionate about pure bred poultry and I join him in trying to promote them and promoting the breeding and keeping of them. Once their genes are lost we cannot retrieve them. The diversity is truly amazing from the tiny Serema bantam, the Old English Game Bantams which are part of our English Heritage, the Crested Cream Legbar which lays a blue egg and is an autosexing breed (which means you can tell whether they are male or female as soon as they hatch), to the Leghorns which are mentioned in all the old poultry books, the very Large Brahmas and Orpingtons and the Chamois Pencilled Freisian Fowl to mention just a very few. Poultry for pleasure and a hobby that can reward you with fresh eggs every day!
Do come and visit the gardens and the birds.

On Saturday 20th July we have been invited by fellow smallholders to visit their Smallholding specialising in pigs. Please phone or email me if you are a member and would like the details.

During August meetings have always ceased and we meet again with our Kent Smallholders Stand at Chiddingstone Castle Country Fair at Chiddingstone Castle, Hill Hoath Road, Chiddingstone TN8 7AD.
Opening times 11am to 5pm. A good family day out with beautiful scenery.

Phone me on 07909-514024 or email with any queries.
Best wishes